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Lethbridge Tennis Club Covid 19 Action Plan

This action plan has been prepared in response to the Alberta health requirements to address limiting the spread of the Covid 19 virus while still providing an opportunity for Albertans to participate in some sporting activities. The Lethbridge Tennis Club provides tennis opportunities for members and the general public. In order to comply with Phase I opening guidelines for sport facilities The Lethbridge Tennis Club proposes the following requirements for playing tennis (Conditions of Play):

TENNIS ACTIVITIES •The activity must always comply with the social distancing measures and recommendations issued by federal and provincial government authorities, including the arrival and departure of players. •Activities will be limited to court play only. The club house facility (including washrooms) will not be available to the members or the public. Tennis players will be informed that they are to bring their own water, hand sanitizer, balls, and sanitizing spray. •Entry to courts are to be staggered to create a buffer between sessions and avoid an overlap of players on the court. •Membership and court fee payments will only be accepted by on-line methods such as Paypal, etransfer, etc. Non-members will also be required to pay in advance for court fees. •Signage at the entrance to the courts will indicate that anyone with symptoms will not be permitted to play on the courts. •There will be no communal or common areas of the facility available to the public. •Players will be expected to leave the facility immediately after playing. •There are no employees required to operate the facility. •Volunteer court supervisors will maintain records of players during the weekday evenings (from 6:00pm until closing). •On Weekdays and weekends, members and other court users will be required to register their attendance either by on-line booking, email to the club, or sign in at the courts. •Adult members will be provided with an opportunity to register as associate court supervisors and responsibilities will include communication and compliance with the conditions of play. Associate court supervisors will also assist with monitoring weekday and weekend play. •Conditions of play and hygiene measures will be communicated to all new and existing members, through email and with new signage at the entrance to the courts. All members will also be provided with a copy of this action plan for reference. •Players under the age of 18 will be asked for a written consent from a parent/guardian authorizing them to participate in tennis activities. The records will be kept at the club. •A specific time will be assigned (weekday mornings) for senior players that choose to play. •No players will be allowed to enter the courts without payment and receipt of the conditions of play.

PROVIDING A CLEAN AND SAFE ENVIRONMENT •Markings on the ground will indicate proper distancing for users of the courts. •All surfaces are to be cleaned frequently. •All chairs and tables for the deck will remain in storage to eliminate all gatherings. • Disinfectant will be provided on the courts by the tennis club so that court supervisors can sanitize any surfaces that may come into contact with people. •Players will be reminded and encouraged to wash their hands and adopt proper hygiene practices before and after play. •Water to the exterior water fountain will not be turned on and signage will added to indicate that the water fountain is not in use. •Gates will be closed and locked at night. There will be no tennis in the evenings after dark. TENNIS BALLS •Exercise caution with tennis balls and ask players to avoid touching them. •Balls will be restricted to specific players. Players will be asked to place their initials on their balls with a marker and only pick up and touch the balls with their identification on it. This will be communicated to the members and other players through email communication and signage. •Spraying tennis balls with a disinfectant spray after a session will be recommended. The use of new balls on a regular basis is strongly encouraged.

ENCOURAGING SOCIAL DISTANCING •Players will be encouraged to respect social distancing of 2 metres, recommended by government authorities. •Encourage singles play when possible. When doubles play it must be under the same distancing guidelines as required above. •Chairs on the courts will be spaced so that they are at least 2 metres apart. •When changing ends players will allow for adequate space to maintain the min. social distancing requirements. This can be accomplished by using different sides of the courts or allowing one pair of players to switch ends and then the other pair. •Recommend that only one parent/guardian accompany a junior player.

COACHING •The tennis club is limiting activity to tennis play only. We are not considering offering children’s tennis camps, tennis lessons, or programs at this time.